Professional development and CE credits for Insurance Professionals

Kirk Faulkner

Facebook for Lead Generation

VIDEO on demand | This webinar will overview how you can maximize your Facebook marketing ROI with strategic content and engagement to harness lead generation capabilities Facebook offers. | CE Credits: RIBO, AIC, ICS

Brad Breininger

Social Media and Insurance

VIDEO on demand | How do you navigate the sea of social media and define your digital footprint? This webinar will equip you to leverage popular social platforms. | CE Credits: RIBO, AIC, ICS

PANEL: Cannabis Cover

Cannabis cover: current needs and future opportunities

VIDEO on demand | What are the most relevant risks and coverage needs emerging in the burgeoning cannabis industry? Get the inside scoop from experts in insurance, public policy, law and cannabis production. | CE Credits: RIBO, AIC, ICS

Greg Markell | FCIP, CRM

Cyber Insurance 101

VIDEO on demand | Cyber is a new and constantly evolving product that has raised a lot of questions for insurance professionals across the country. Get an overview of cyber insurance and sell the right cyber product to clients.| CE : RIBO, AIC, ICS

Karen Ritchie

Impact of Climate Change in Insurance

VIDEO on demand | The implications of climate change in the insurance industry have been profound. Severe weather and related natural disasters have caused the need for new products, multiplied claims. | CE Credits: RIBO, AIC, ICS